Buying a USED LED Sign? Here’s what to look for when buying a used LED Sign

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Have you considered buying a used led sign? Here’s a few things you need to know before making a decision like this. Are you purchasing a used LED sign to save money? Have you priced all the alternatives online?

You need to be sure that parts for your used LED digital sign will continue to be available in the future. In the event the parts for discontinued models aren’t available, you’re stuck with a mildly priced boat anchor. How much time did this sign last in your possession?

Whats the price to repair your used sign? Is the manufacturer still in business? All electronics exposed to the elements, no matter the brand name, will eventually have issues. It’s the service you receive after the sale that makes the company who they are.

The LED’s are not likely to fail, however after extended use and years of faithful service they will begin to dim. Eventually, they will not be able to be bright enough to compete with the sun. It may be functional at night when there’s no light to compete, but this makes your investment about half as effective as it could be.

Is that flibbertigibbet on the phone doing their best Grant Cardone impersonation? Remember your sign is a direct representation of your business and how it’s run. Don’t let that hornswoggle empty your wallet while unloading their junk.

a used led digital sign

a used led digital sign

The chances of somebody wanting to sell a perfectly functioning LED display are slim to none. The prices may have come down significantly and many LED sign owners are eager to upgrade to the latest and greatest, but be sure you know that when buying a used l.e.d. sign, you are likely committing your business to a substandard visual representation.

LED Sign operating Software – Are there updates available? How does it connect? Is it capable of wifi? Don’t ignore your borborygmus, this is a big decision and should be thoroughly examined. 10 years ago, they paid a whopping $42,000 for a 4’x8′ 26mm monochrome outdoor sign, and now they think their used old l.e.d. sign is worth about $30,000 based on their spontaneous depreciation scale calculations.

Easy there brushfire. Technology has made manufacturing these much more autonomous and affordable. How about a brand new 4’x8′ double sided 10mm with a 5 year warranty delivered to your door for under 15k? Sound too good to be true? Give us a call and ask all the questions you like. As far as buying a used outdoor led sign – this is one digital decision you can’t click away.

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