LED signs create impulse stops

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“A sign may be observed for later recall or it may prompt an immediate reaction and unplanned stop. The ‘impulse’ trade is often the difference between profitability and business failure.”

U.S. Small Business Administration 

Purchases that are a result of an unplanned impulse stop are a critical sales component for most businesses. An Institute of Transportation Engineers report estimates unplanned stops to be 20% to 45% of traffic for many businesses.

Without effective signage, the probability of an impulse stop and purchase is greatly reduced. Also, unlike all other forms of advertising, an LED Sign from Digital Signs Direct USA is in direct proximity with the business. This allows the impulse to be acted upon with the promise of immediate gratification, either with a physical product or the performance of a service.


It’s time to invest in an Outdoor LED Sign. Don’t delay! Call us today and let our knowledgable staff help you decide which LED Sign fits your needs best. 

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