Growing your church using outdoor L.E.D. sign boards

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Growing Your Church Through the Use of Technology

Every organization, no matter the type needs to reach the masses in order to grow. This is done through advertising the organizations products or services. As a church, in order to reach out to people, other than the ones you know you will see on Sunday morning, you need to spread the word about what is going on at your church.


More and more churches are taking advantage of the technology of digital signage. These signs are easily updated from a computer located within your church. This means real time updates about your sermon on Sunday morning, the times of services or the extra curricular activities that are planned for the evening.

Victory church new led sign


When you consider the members of your church, who are they? Friends and family brought in by current attendees. They have a relationship with someone involved in the church; they trust someone on the inside. This makes them comfortable enough to come through the doors. A digital sign greets every person passing your church. It is an introduction that your church needs. The more you communicate with people the more relationships you build with your church. Which means more attendees.


Think about the hundreds of cars that pass by your church every day. What a joy to be able to share a scripture or words of encouragement to those who pass by.

Digital signs speak volumes to the younger generation that you are trying to reach. These vibrant and attractive signs will catch attention and also announce that your church is current with the times and encourage attendance. Passersby will learn something new about your church each time they come by.

Trinity church l.e.d.display board

Like most churches you have probably tried many ways to reach out to the community and bring in new visitors. Digital signs might seem like an overwhelming investment but there are some great cost savings to consider. Unlike local newspapers, postcards to the community, commercials on local television or radio, you will own this advertisement and you can change the message regularly with out changing the medium. It is easy to stay current and the digital sign will always be hitting it’s target market.

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