These 2 in stock signs are changing the way business owners and churches purchase an LED sign. No delay – start saving money on your advertising budget next week.


     Most major outdoor led sign manufacturers offer LED message centers in any size and resolution, however, if you want your digital LED sign at a guaranteed lowest price and delivered to you in  days rather than weeks, then go with one of our 3′ x 6′ or 4′ x 8′ LED signs. Check out the details on both performance packages below!

Instead of investing in TV or radio where you can't even measure your ROI, consider buying a digital LED sign to grow your business.
By selecting one of our performance packages you can be up and running with your new digital LED sign in just a matter of days.
Earn an amazing return on your investment with an LED sign. Our stunning display will attract new customers and will give you control of your advertising.
Package #1

3' x 6' Digital L.E.D. Sign

collins siding mm led sign

Call now to purchase your 3′ by 6′ digital LED sign package. By selecting one of our premium L.E.D. packages we can deliver them to you in as few as 3 days instead of the 4-8 weeks our competitors take.

  • Full Color HD LED
  • Weather and water proof
  • 10mm & 16mm pixels models available
  • Single or double sided available
  • Visible from hundreds of feet away
  • Actual size: 37.8″ by 75.6″
Package #2

4' x 8' Digital L.E.D. Sign


Give us a ring if you’re ready to purchase your 4′ x 8′ premium digital LED sign package. By selecting one of our premium packages we can deliver them to you in just a few days instead of the 4-8 weeks our competitors need.

  • Full Color HD LED
  • Weather and water proof
  • 10mm & 16mm pixels models available
  • Single or double sided available
  • Visible from hundreds of feet away
  • Actual size: 47.2″ by 94.5″
Here's why we're the best

Slow down, take a deep breath, we’re excited too!

     We have continued to grow based on the principle – if our signs look the best, we sell more signs. If they don’t, we don’t. Digital Signs Direct USA gives you the freedom to choose your installer. Not every small town in America has an affordable LED option via the local sign company.


     Don’t sweat it, we love working with them too! The majority of sign companies contact us after installing our signs about carrying our products. We provide the most cost effective L.E.D. sign board solution in the entire industry. They may not like us now, but they are our biggest fan when we work together.


     You can sleep well knowing our warranty is on par with signage costing 2-3 times more! There’s no doubt signage has come a long way and ther are some fancy-schmancy companies happy to charge you an additional car payment every month. Does our sign display the same image?  yup! Easy to use like theirs? You betcha! Is the resolution true RGB pixel? Absolutely!


    Ask yourself, if our sign can display the same messages, perform the same core functions with equal reliability, why has this been such a difficult decision? Stop waiting and give us a call now to answer your questions.

CALL NOW 434 515-0552


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Check out what our customers are saying

Paxton Hardware & Rentals - Paxton, IL

Paxton Hardware & Rentals - Paxton, IL

My store, Paxton Hardware and Rental is a True Value hardware store and Rental equipment center.

We have been quite happy with the reliability and durability of the digital sign we received from Digital Signs Direct.

With help from the customer service department we have been able to become proficient at making signage that is responsive to customer needs at a moment's notice.

Scott D. Allen, Manager, Paxton Hardware and Rental

Mohr's Automotive Repair - Montrose, Co

Mohr's Automotive Repair - Montrose, Co

I purchased a sign from Digital Signs Direct about a year ago, and I couldn't be happier.
I am not very good with computer programs and any time I need help they are always available. The customer service I have received has been above and beyond my expectations.
I wanted a sign that would be visible from a distance. This sign not only can be seen from a distance, but the images are very clear.
I would recommend anyone looking for a sign to contact Pamela with Digital Signs Direct USA.

Henry Bellew
Mohr's Automotive
Montrose, CO

Taco Bell - South Boston, VA

Taco Bell - South Boston, VA

Taco Bell (owned by Yum! Brands) uses their digital LED sign to promote new products, special deals, and draw in potential customers by mouth-watering images of their food. The high visibility signs are viewed by more than 27,000 people per day. There's no more effective for of marketing to achieve this return on investment.

Drug City Pharmacy, Dundalk, Md

Drug City Pharmacy, Dundalk, Md

"If something seems too good to be true than it usually is. That was my first thought when I received a quote from Digital Signs Direct USA. I did my research, moved forward, and couldn't be happier. Even the local sign company who installed my sign liked it so much that they are looking to carry their products moving forward"

George Fotis
Drug City Pharmacy
Dundalk, MD

High resolution signs are better when your viewer is close up. Medium and low resolution work well when your viewers are further away.

led resolution graph

Digital LED Sign Technical Specifications

Specifications 10mm 16mm
Resolution High Resolution Medium Resolution
Ideal Viewing Range 28′ or greater 50′ or greater
Ideal Character Height 4″ or larger 4″ or larger
Full Motion Capable Yes Yes
Whole-Sign Color Calibration Included Included
On-Demand Diagnostics Included Included
Packages Available In 3’x6′ & 4’x8′ 3’x6′ & 4’x8′
Video Frame Rate 30 frames/second 30 frames/second
Digital Signs Direct USA, LLC BBB Business Review

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