double sided 4x8 led display_white house store

Our 4’x8′ outdoor led displays are available in 10mm, 16mm, or 8mm. 8mm is the optimum resolution for shorter distance viewing and multiple lines of text.The actual true pixel resolution of our in-stock 4×8 led sign is 240 pixels x 120 pixels. All of our 4’x8′ prices include the following:

  • 2 single face aluminum powder coated cabinets
  • 2″ angle iron for mounting
  • Steel eye bolts for crane/lift installation
  • Wifi adapter
  • 25′ cat5 ethernet cable for initial setup
  • LED Sign management software
  • Training video
  • Holiday graphics package
  • Additional spare 10mm modules
  • Additional wiring harness
  • Additional ribbon cables
  • unlimited remote sessions/tech support

Separate cabinets allow your new LED sign to be mounted on a single pole/pylon installation, or a double (2) pole installation. With the optional extended ethernet / cat5 cable, your signs can also be mounted on a building directly. This will greatly reduce your cost over ordering 2 separate signs, resulting in thousands of dollars saved.

So there you have it! Ready to move forward now? Give us a call at 7O3-286-5O76

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