Why Should You Invest in an outdoor LED Sign?

Indoor and outdoor LED signs are a great way to elevate your brand and grow your business. We’ve collected some statistics on why you should invest in indoor and outdoor LED signage. Not only does it have a higher ROI than other types of traditional advertising, it will also make you stand out from the crowd. Feel free to give us a call and we’ll walk you through all the benefits of owning a outdoor LED sign and why it will be your best investment.


Metric Yellow Pages Radio Newspaper LED Signs
# of Impressions 4,000
Full Page Ad
Avg. Daily Audience
Sunday Readership
Passing Motorists
Cost per 100 Impressions $2.25 $1.33 $2.26 $0.03 – $0.06
Cost Per Day $90 $154 $384 $10 – $20


  • Limited Time (30 secs)
  • Expensive
  • 20% Lower Recall
  • Ads Are Distracting
  • Broad Targeting
  • Hard to Setup
  • Can’t Target Demographics
  • No Visuals
  • 25% Lower Recall
  • Impossible to Update
  • Very Expensive
  • 31% Lower Recall
  • Limited Time (30 secs)
  • Expensive
  • 20% Lower Recall
  • Poor Print Quality
  • Hard to Target
  • Readership is in Decline

Benefits of indoor/outdoor LED Signs

Reach Large Audiences

Secure access to more customers by putting a digital sign in a high traffic area to provide great visibility and exposure for your business.

Compelling Brand Experiences

Elevate your brand to the next level with a digital LED sign that will stand out and draw the attention of potential customers.

Super Simple to Update

Stop printing flyers and paying for vinyl banners that don’t even look that great. LED signs can be updated with a few simple clicks.

Business Impact – By The Numbers

LED Signs Increase Sales

LED signs increase sales 15% – 150% at only 10% of the cost of other advertising. Don’t miss out on this fantastic return on your investment.

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New Signage Increase Revenue

The addition of new signage to previously unsigned buildings resulted in an average revenue increase of 5%.

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Pole Signs Have Better ROI

The addition of a pole flag / LED sign including the store’s name resulted in an increase in weekly sales of between 5% and 10%.

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Advertising Where It Matters

About 95% of retail business occurs on site. Streets and highways provide a premiere communication opportunity for your business.

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LED Signs Are Memorable

80% of viewers remembered the product advertised on vehicle wraps and outdoor LED signage. This is a significantly higher recall than other mediums.

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Increase In Annual Sales

On average, one additional on premise LED sign resulted in an increase in annual sales revenue of 4.75% for the business.

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