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Referrals come from the best looking signs

    • Referrals are critical

When it comes to our outdoor LED signs, the proof is in the pudding. With over 80% of our sales are from referrals. We pride ourselves on our incredible outdoor LED signs from picture quality, to brightness, to the cabinets construction. Our company’s goal is to keep your sign looking incredible as every single sign with our name on the side is a direct representation of our company as well as our product. When our signs are damaged or malfunctioning, we make it a top priority to get it looking great as quickly as possible. The sign below can be seen in personal at

The Bigger companies

The bigger companies don’t seem to care this much once they sell you a sign. Take a look at the broken signs in your town. Look at the name on the front. Spending three times the money on a digital sign should mean better service, right? NOPE! Choose the fastest growing outdoor LED sign company to provide you with an amazing sign and outstanding after sales service. Digital Signs Direct stands behind their product to ensure you stay happy, and our referrals keep coming!

When choosing an outdoor led sign company for your business you need to be sure your sign will be able to provide the image quality you require. If you’re looking to show images / pictures such as realtors, jewelry stores, food, cars, or vibrant colorful words, we would recommend you choose a 10mm pitch or better. Remember the lower the number, the better the picture quality. Don’t be fooled into thinking a 20mm is going to look great when showing a picture of your smiling face or that delicious prime rib. Also beware of marketing gimmicks such as “virtual pixel”. Call Digital Signs Direct to get started on your outdoor led sign purchase while saving thousands of dollars and having the ability to choose your installer or even install it yourself for all the fearless small business owners.

Ale House LED digital sign

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