What is a Demo-on-delivery?

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What is a Demo-on-delivery?

There can’t be anything worse than spending 2-3 weeks shopping for a great deal on a quality sign, waiting another week or 2 for your permit, and then trying to sit still for 30 excruciating days until your shiny new sign arrives! That is – except finding out your sign was damaged in shipping, or something was knocked loose inside on it’s voyage to it’s new storefront paradise. This is where we shine! DSD will have one of our knowledgable representatives deliver, unbox, and demonstrate your sign upon delivery – ELIMINATING the possibility of disappointment, delay, and additional expenses. Seeing your sign light up upon delivery is something only DSD can offer you.


LED Sign delivery - on site demo

After powering on your sign for you to see, our technician will configure the sign to your network and provide hands on training to ensure you’re comfortable with operating your sign. During this visit, we will also educate you on some outdoor LED sign tips and tricks. Don’t risk your investment on a mystery box or overpay for an inferior product with a big name and fancy brochures. Digital Signs Direct is one of the only companies that allows you to choose your installer or install the sign yourself without voiding your warranty. Call us now (888) 874-5391 to be sure you get best deal and your on-site delivery service!






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